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DESET architects is a company of architects and engineers based in Sofia. Interdisciplinary teams of architects, artists, sociologists and researchers in the field of architecture, urbanism, construction, art, natural sciences and humanities are formed within the working process to combine experience, qualifications, responsibility and professionalism. DESET architects was established in 2001. Since its establishment, the company strives to be at the top of the world's leading practices, regulations, standards and trends. DESET architects's projects embrace the challenges of contemporary architecture, dynamics, taking into consideration global climate and social changes.
CONCEPTS of buildings, facilities and structures. When preparing the concept for a particular task we analyze and program the outputs – assignment, social needs, semantic reading of the context and its natural and social specifics. In order to create sustainable and cost-effective models we use spati?-temporal simulations. We develop investment plans for the projected innovation, technology, equipment and materials, as well as evaluate projects profitability. In our concepts we refer to the architectural vision as an informational and emotionally aesthetic message to society.