1509 Varna Library

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Type: Public
Size: 29450sq.m
Status: Competition
Client: Varna Municipality

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The Library consists of two town square spaces. The first one lies at the street level and has been developed as main public entrance space. The park environment and atmosphere of the city penetrates the high ground level. The second square space is lifted to 16 meters above the ground level - above the prevailing surrounding buildings. It is quiet, secluded, with magnificent views to the sea and the City, here the actual library function begins. From this level upwards the four buildings begin their independent life and form open square space on one side and clearly and explicitly define the functional requirement of the assignment on another: children's, teen, adult and the administration area. The structure of the building is subject of the context and the program requirements. It consists of three parts. Wide and opened public ground space. The double level cassette wall construction above collects the whole main storage facility. In a constructive point of view the cassette structure takes major part in distributing the load of the four buildings lying above on the periphery. The structure is held on large supporting distance module of 10 meters and multiple thereof, there are no columns on the ground floor, but just four bearing cores and consoles of 10-20 meters.