0618 MBAL Lulin

General Hospital for Active Threatment

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Type: Public
Size: 3050sq.m
Status: Completed

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The surgical precision, accurate and true cut, the layers of the organized matter, penetration, seam, are architectural interpreted in the space of the building. The multilayer of the relations to the cuts, folding and bending morphologically identify the boundaries of the space and the facade panels of the building. The function is determined by the relations on the horizontal and vertical attenuation, where are located the surgeries, the floor above is with a resting area for medical staff and a resident part. The connection of function and form is inversely proportional, with the attenuation of the function the form develops in scale, proportions and detail. Adequacy the building to the situation is the condition it to become a natural part of the environment. Whether this happened or not evaluate the people that visit and live there, not the critics and the media.