Open Architectural Competition

Location: Hengshan Mountain, China Type: Public
Size: 11500sq.m
Status: Competition

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The new hotel style Primitive humans were using caves, dark and not comfortable places, but there they could find shelter from the cold and from the wild animals. In the civilization ages they invented the tent, real light and easy transportable shelter, so they could move whenever they want. The tent was also not so comfortable, so over the years, humans started to have sedentary lifestyle. They built their stone and brick houses, which were very comfortable, but they lost their ability to move and to be free. Human population increased and had less and less space for their houses; that’s why they invented at first blocks and then skyscrapers, they were trying to gain space in height, until their homes reach the sky. This is the current! … and tomorrow? New, Different, Outside The Borders Living Style. People are nomads again, free to move by land, air and water with their new devices. The lobby of the hotel it’s a natural landscape flora. Оn the surface are organized the functional zones for the visitors. According to the climate conditions the lobby could be opened or closed by 1 to 3 movable transparent layers guaranteeing the comfort of habitation. The Super Surface covered lobby above the trees is simultaneously a platform for landing and recharging of the rooms, plant for recycling, water tank and power station. The rain waters are gathered and the water is processed according to the use - broken down into hydrogen and oxygen for filling the balloons with light gas. With opposite chemical process is generated power for the hotel. The 30 hotel rooms consist of a platform and a double layered membrane. The platform is a light-weight structure of aerogel containing the functional equipment of the hotel rooms. The volume of the balloon is filled with light gas with 600 kg carrying capacity. In appropriate atmospheric conditions the visitors can make tours in radius of 20 km and up to 150 m height with their hotel rooms.