0810 Stone Garden

Commercial Centre & Apartments

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Type: Mixed-use
Size: 19161sq.m
Status: Design

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The influence of the city expresses in penetrating cultural traditions from the historical part of the city to the territory of the plot following the metropolitan and the speed freeways. The influence of the environment represents a harmony of living between the nature and the city texture. The ability for balance and equilibrium between them defines the silhouette of the future building. The influence of the communication is the possibility for access to the site and the invariance of the means of information. The communication is one of the fastest growing means for realization of choice possibilities, decisions, information and advertising impact. The influences on the site, their intensity, proportions and sequence create four categories of attitude of the future building to the context: Scale – it takes into account the influence of industry and construction technologies in the context of the city and creates the feeling of energy and power of perception. Continuity – it takes into account the actual dimensions of the project in the environment and creates conditions for linear attitude and synchronized developing visual and walk connections. Accessibility – it takes into account the variety of functions and visitors’ number and creates conditions for fast and easy orientation in the space of the complex. Identity – it takes into account the functional characteristics of the different activities, its social aspect and creates conditions for unique image.