0814 Biennale Venice

Bulgarian Pavillion: Bulgaria The Young Architects

Location: Venice, Italy
Type: Events
Size: 500sq.m
Status: Completed
Client: La Biennale di Venezia

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Ideology. The architect’s vocation is to contemplate the present but to work for the future. Our young generation of architects is a laboratory for time exploration, a futurological medium, like the Delphic Oracle. The young architect is treated as a larva through which one is able to see the space of the butterfl. Through the world of that very same architect the nation could realize its prospects and grasp its destiny. Space installation. The exhibition is an installation of a series of cylinder spaces each dedicated to one of the selected young architects’ teams. The cylinders – 2.0 m. in diameter, and 1.0 m in height – are suspended 1.3 m. above the flor like lampshades with no bottoms or tops. They separate the space into cells each having its inner and outer surface. The inside surface of each cylinder is dedicated to the individual exhibition space of each young architects team. The outside surface – the cylinder facade – contains the young architects‘ portraits scaled 1:1 and positioned as to reflct the individual heights of the participants. The viewers circulate the labyrinthine space between the cylinders face to face with the young architects imprinted on the cylinders “facades” and bend down to enter the cylinders’ inner spaces. There they enter the architects‘ inner worlds expressed by their individual expositions.