0932 Building A

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Tehran, Iran
Type: Public
Size: 11000sq.m
Status: Competition
Client: Benetton Group

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The common thing between Benetton and Tehran is the knot work. The knitting material marks the beginning of the colorful world of Benetton. Long before that the fabric is well known in Iran as a type of building technology. In many cult buildings, courts and in the social residential structures the knot work is present in many forms and manifestations. The decoration, the motley mosaics, the dappled shades in the hot days and the volumetric fabric create conditions for long talks, communication, market relationships. The bazaar is the place where all this gathers together. It originates only where such conditions like people, color, sun gleams, a square, network, fabric, fruits, food, essential commodities, gadgets, clothes are available. They all live under one roof, whose center of interest is curiosity for search of the unknown. The idea for a building is based precisely on this type of relationships, where the trade and business environment create layers, each being a center of events, thus making a harmonious building structure. The first two levels of this structure are designed for stores with separate entrances, communication and sanitary maintenance areas for each store. The next five levels are organized for office functions. The floor structure is hierarchical in height, with the most spacious and prestigious office areas developed on the last two levels. The highest level has a residential purpose, servicing the office parts for guests and business partners. The access to this part and to the office part of the building is through separate entrances and serves night and day the two functional units. The sanitary and service premises are developed in accordance with the local characteristics and norms and with baby change facilities.