0933 Building B

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Tehran, Iran
Type: Public
Size: 11000sq.m
Status: Competition
Client: Benetton Group

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The uniting point of Benetton and Tehran lies in the many manifestations of the fabric that mark the beginning of the colorful world of Benetton and have been well known in Iran long since as a type of building technology. Nowadays, the knot work of trade relations and continuity of space expresses the link between the spiritual, the physical and the meaning of human relationships. The contact with the space evokes the first principle of curiosity (the pursuit for the unknown), based on trade relations. The continuity of space is the second principle, suggested by the walking line of the building; outside, inside-outside, inside, outside-inside… Carried out simultaneously, those two principles resemble an erupting volcano, when the liquid lava cools down and takes the shape of bizarre earth formations. The contrast of attitudes, materials, forms and colors enhances the sense perception and creates the plastic image of the building. The functional zoning of the building is made to underpin this conception. The first two levels of the structure are designed for three stores with separate entrances that provide access from an open-air space. Each store has separate internal communication and sanitary-servicing areas. The next five levels are divided into 10 split-levels with office functions. The office structure is developed around a communicational atrium with a view to the open-air space of the building. Quick communication links are provided via escalators for facilitation and flexibility of the working process. The highest level is designed for three apartments and is also divided into split-levels. An open terrace with access from the office part is developed above the atrium, with a view to the open-air space and to the green roof. The access to the housing and the office parts is separate and serves the two functional units round-the-clock. The sanitary and service units are designed in accordance with the local characteristics and norms and with baby change facilities.