1203 Library Helsinki

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Type: Public
Size: 21760sq.m
Status: Competition

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The concept is based on 4 principles: Infinity >> continuous space defining freedom of access Memory >> information field defining the concentration of knowledge Structure >> spatial order creates an accessible environment Nature >> parameter defining our destiny The scent of recently trimmed grass, the cheer of spring, a rich abundance of light and vast spaces all combined together create a sense of infinity. The library, as a place for meetings, conversations, spiritual and information enlightenment is based on open spaces. Nature flows into the building as an integral part of the park environment to reach the roof where it blooms into a garden shaped area with a glass bottomed artificial lake. Its place is determined by the position of the last winter solstice sunray hitting the roof which will get refracted into the building at exactly 12:03 AM. The building's structure is determined by natural flow of people arriving by train at the Central Railway Station and going to the park for some time to rest and meditate. Literally getting in the way of the massive flow, the building “cracks” allowing visitors and tourists to pass through, enter or have a walk inside. The library's floors are all gently tilted providing absolute accessibility and an impressive total of 800 m of walking spaces with diverse interiors and views