1418 Guggenheim Helsinki

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Type: Public
Size: 12000sq.m
Status: Competition
Client: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

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Feather – sense of lightness, gentleness, grace. It characterizes with slightly bend silhouette, symmetry and its structure that thins-away at the periphery, finishing in a virtually invisible line on a semi-transparent border. It separates the inside from the outside (subjective from objective), zero-gravity form gravity (independence versus shared responsibility). Something beautiful, that serves a purpose. Wind – urge, elan, direction, freedom, music, creative energy. It characterizes with its ability to be light, endearing or menacing. With its force, playfulness or violence, the wind can create atmosphere that inspires or horrifies. Wave – expresses infinity, continuity and in the same time is a representation of force, power and character. The wave contains incredible energy as well the ability to play light thus creating whimsical reflections, dynamics and mood. It symbolizes emotion that comes and goes, conquers and floats. It can maintain or shake the progressive movement depending on its own sense of pace. Boat – From the old times it is an inspiration for artists, writers or adventurers. The boat adds to sense of the ever searching human spirit, the conquest of the vast seas, the exploration and the ordinary everyday life. It can be associated with home, comfort, wood, keel, symmetry, deck and sail. Wing – Apart from its first association with flight, the wing is symbol of caring, shelter, protection. It gives separate, protected and favorable environment for the little birds to grow. At the same time it gives you scope, freedom and independence. It shelters and transmits, it bears without to weigh.