1244 Collider Activity Center

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Type: Public
Size: 8300sq.m
Status: Competition
Client: Walltopia

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From urban point of view, two directions are interlaced - this of a residential area with complex buildings and this of a city boulevard. The social potential consists of three categories established by the closest subway station, a city boulevard and a residential complex. The concept of the building is a sliced rhomboid, consisting of 4 triangles which are spirally opening from the landscape to the residential complex. This favors the orientation of the building and benefits the link between communication and environment. The orientation and access from all possible directions are easy and attractive in order to create positive visual impact and emotions for the visitors. The building has a memorable and unobtrusive vision - people-oriented and open to self-organization. The ETFE technology allows the achievement of the desired tectonics, through a variety of prints and to create adaptive dynamic facades. The control of the light can be easily and effectively managed with the 5-layer ETFE facade, which includes two layers with a positive and a negative print. This allowes the transferring of air from one to chamber to another and allows or blocks the light from to passing into the interior. The print ensures UV protection of interior spaces.