1314 Pavlikeni Market Square

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Type: Urban
Size: 10000sq.m
Status: Competition
Client: Pavlikeni Municipality

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In urban plan area is located in the center in a residential area. In socio-metric plan there is no high intensity of human flows, they are primarily weekly with commercial orientation. In natural-climate plan 4 seasons and changing atmosphere conditions, solstice – 9,5 h, humidity – 50%, rainfall 57mm 100 days average, temperature -28 to +41 degrees. The concept is based on a free planning, phased construction and multipurpose using of the space according to the specific market economic conditions 365 days of the year. For a weekly market is enough only space with suitable proportions, practical flooring, and the necessary sanitary-serving facilities placed correctly in the configuration of the space. The matter and the spirit of the market are adaptive interpretation and improvisation in the actual context which makes the MARKET unique urban structure. According to specific of MARKET subject, which is 90% social self-organized structure sustainable for centuries, authors explores the capacity of the weekly market and the potential of the plot and ensure the necessary configuration and area in the best way of the developing of the market within the plot.