1318 Rotunda Warsaw

Open Architectural Competition

Location: Warsaw, Poland Type: Public
Size: 2700sq.m
Status: Competition
Client: Dupont & Architizer

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Attached is a concept which makes the building ultimately adaptable with regards to climatic, social and urban resources. Rainwater will be stored in a container of capacity 100 cubic meters, and will be used for two main functions of the building: 1. As a circulating-water facade system for protection from direct sunlight, ventilation, refreshment, cleaning of facades and decoration 2. As a thermal accumulator and heat-exchanger Thanks to the intensity of the flow of human occupants (around 1000 people/hour), the thermal energy they generate will be used as the main source of thermal power of the building. Due to the high amounts of fresh air necessary for comfortable habitation of the building (around 50,000 cubic meters/hour), an innovative system of a habitable buffer vessel will be introduced, which will work as a transparent pneumatic construction of ETFE, with 30 PA difference in atmospheric pressure between the internal and external environments. It will carry four main building functions simultaneously: 1. Creating a forced circulation of air inside the building 2. Creating a controlled thermal exchange of exhaust air from the spaces through a laminated heat water-air exchanger 3. Creating an air piston for carrying out the facade water circulation, before the exhaust air is definitively pumped out of the building 4. A new functional area for a rooftop panoramic cafe